Punters across Scotland grab another chance on tomorrow's £369 Million* US rollover

It's one of the most talked about jackpots on both sides of the Atlantic this week!

America’s famous game, the US Powerball, is hitting the headlines with a mind-blowing £369 Million* super jackpot up for grabs tomorrow. Big jackpot fans across Scotland are hoping luck is on their side!

US Powerball Bet 1 Get 1 Free

Until recently, you could only take part if they bought a ticket in the States. But now, our leading lottery-betting website, LottoGo.com has opened up the opportunity for UK residents to get involved, allowing you to place a bet on the outcome of the game from the comfort of your home.

You may have even seen us on your TV screens in recent weeks when we revealed Keith Lemon as the new face of our brand!

We've had some memorable big prize winners on US games with one lucky punter from Bolton, who wishes to remain anonymous, taking home £800,000 through the website with smaller prizes won weekly by our 1,000,000 worldwide members.

Just think about how you could spend £369 Million*:

  • Fly the world in a top-of-the-range Gulfstream G650 private jet- £51 million
  • Invest in your very own 200-acre private island with spectacular seaside villas in the Bahamas - £50 million
  • Or perhaps you could make a big difference to the lives of your 10 closest family and friends by giving them £10 million each

The dream starts here. Could you be the next big winner?

To celebrate tomorrow's whopping £369 Million* super jackpot, we have an incredible welcome offer.

We're offering new players a chance to double their luck with a free US Powerball bet when they buy their first one for a reduced price of £2.50 - that's BETTER THN HALF PRICE.

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US Powerball Bet 1 Get 1 Free

US Powerball Bet 1 Get 1 Free

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